Artworks-PaintingsI love painting. It has become an important part of me. The first time I ever painted was over a year ago. I always wondered, how being an artist feels like. Life being so busy I never found time to pursue art as a hobby until recently.

To my surprise, my husband bought me a startup acrylic and oil painting kit for my birthday. The next day, I worked on my first painting ‘Waterfalls’ in acrylics. It still feels like yesterday. I cannot express the joy of painting in words. I know it’s just a bunch of colors, but still it is a such a great feeling creating something with your own hands.

Balancing a highly demanding job, personal projects, home, family, social life and taking out time to paint has become a challenge. However, when you love something so much, we make time for it and I’m doing my best. I dream for the day when I can just paint for a living. I paint in both acrylics and oils, but personally enjoy painting in oils.

Here are few of my Artworks.