Artworks-PaintingsI love painting. It has become an important part of me. The first time I ever painted was over a year ago. I always wondered, how being an artist feels like. Life being so busy I never found time to pursue art as a hobby until recently.

To my surprise, my husband bought me a startup acrylic and oil painting kit for my birthday. The next day, I worked on my first painting ‘Waterfalls’ in acrylics. It still feels like yesterday. I cannot express the joy of painting in words. I know it’s just a bunch of colors, but still it is a such a great feeling creating something with your own hands.

Balancing a highly demanding job, personal projects, home, family, social life and taking out time to paint has become a challenge. However, when you love something so much, we make time for it and I’m doing my best. I dream for the day when I can just paint for a living. I paint in both acrylics and oils, but personally enjoy painting in oils.

Here are few of my Artworks.

Homemade Olive Garden Breadsticks

Olive Garden Breadsticks

I love Italian food, who doesn’t? Every time I pass by the restaurant, I can’t resist the smell. But we don’t go to Olive Garden often, because we love it. Seems strange right? We want to preserve the love we have for their food, and that’s way we go only on special occasions.

The other day, I remembered their delicious and warm breadsticks. Since we did not have any occasion to go, I have thought of making them at home.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you are having the best Valentine’s Day ever!  I had plans for this day, but the snow storm was a bummer. I am glad that the storm is over. Planning to shop and prepare special dinner.

Who says gifts have to be objects? I guess, women can never say NO to gifts. In my view, the best gift is to make memories. Spending quality time laying on the couch with hubby under the warm comforter holding hands, and watching a romantic movie (Of course, my husband says action/thriller as always) while having a glass of wine. Ah… that’s what I call the perfect way. So guys, I am off now to the Ah moment. Hope you are also having fun. Stay warm, it’s freezing outside.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

By the way, you know what? This is my first blog post.