Hi, I’m Archana! (pronounced as Arch-na). I am married to a wonderful man who is everything but normal, my first and true love. All I can say is he makes me complete.

Archana - Dear Passion

I work as a Software Developer for a living, along with running two start-up companies with my husband, and try to sneak out some time here and there to pursue my passions!!!

I have been debating with my husband about starting a blog for a while now. He says that I don’t have enough time to spend on a blog, perhaps he is right. Just between us, he is actually right. But you know, maybe I can do it. Why should I quit before I even try??? Hmm.. that’s not me. So I have decided to give it a go, and here I am.

Now getting back to what this blog is about. This is where I want to share my passion for the things I love. Where do I start?  I LOVE painting, cooking, home improvement projects, home, decor and creativity (Stay tuned, this list will keep growing)…

This page is dedicated to all the working women who tirelessly balance work, home and still take time to pursue their dreams.

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